Welcome to MediaWorks

MediaWorks is a project-based learning Digital Audio Technology initiative, in which Audio and Digital Art & Animation students collaborate on the production of short audiovisual pieces made for various Silicon Valley businesses – and beyond. These impressive, dangerously original audiovisual pieces are created by Cogswell students under the guidance of the Audio and Visual Directors.

The results are industry-quality "media works." The produced pieces include sound design, original music, animation and live action footage. The projects involve real-life client meetings, creative brief and concept generation, participation in the approval process, project and time management, deadlines and full-scale production by students working individually, in teams and cross-team. The production follows the current industry pipeline and delivery standards.

Recently, AC Transit came to the MediaWorks team with a need for a promotional audiovisual piece before they broke ground on the East Bay Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line in late August of 2016. Facing a tight two-month deadline, MediaWorsk students rose to the challenge, producing a top-grade audiovisual project for AC Transit.


Besides all the industry-standard software and gadgets, such as Avid ProTools, Apple Logic, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, MiniMiner, Autodesk Maya, Houdini, Final Cut Pro, Fusion, After Effects, PhotoShop, Illustrator, MediaWorks uses Mac and PC environments, various sound processing and synthesis hardware, and dozens upon dozens of audio-, animation- and vfx plug-ins.

MediaWorks places great emphasis on not relying on the tools but using technology to execute a strong concept by the REE (relevant, efficient, effective) philosophy. We believe that creativity comes before technology.

MediaWorks runs its production in various on-campus audio studios and in its dedicated visual project studio.

True Industry Experience in College

The team-oriented, project-based and collaborative environment of MediaWorks offers its students a production experience that mirrors actual industry pipelines, decisions, challenges and problem solving scenarios. Teams consist of 4-8 digital audio technology students and 4-8 digital art and animation students with a goal of completing one full production, from concept to delivery, in a deadline-driven 8-week period. The finished logo-, promotional or corporate communication films, animations run anywhere from 10 seconds to 1 minute in duration.

The class exposes students to the full production cycle, the chance to directly work with industry professionals, an actual client, build client relationship management and communication skills and develop very strong pieces for immediate use in students' portfolios – whichs gives our students an enormous advantage on their employment interviews.

We are planning to turn MediaWorks into a service "rendered" by Cogswell students to corporations in need of audiovisual communication pieces, especially logo films. The ultimate goal is a leading, high in-demand program that makes Cogswell THE institution for practical, hands-on learning in the respective creative fields.