Welcome to Cogswell's eSports Program

The Cogswell Dragons eSports team offers athletic scholarships and is located in the largest job market for the games industry.

Our mission is to bring awareness to eSports by creating and promoting a close community focused on competing at the highest levels of collegiate eSports while achieving academic excellence. The program consists of the eSports club which gathers and develops a steady pool of student gaming enthusiasts who compete for the opportunity to be a part of Cogswell’s collegiate eSports teams. 

We are a Tespa chapter and compete in national and local tournaments in Overwatch, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone and other popular eSports video games.

Our ultimate goal for this eSports program is to bring honor and digital glory to our beloved school and share our accomplishments with the entire Cogswell and eSports community



"eSports isn't just us playing video games; when we come together, we're a family. We push ourselves and our teammates to express our talents. Every match, we are confronted with harsh opponents and a certain amount of mental strain, and each member must be prepared to work together in order to overcome this."

– Jacob Levine, Cogswell student