ASB and Student Clubs

The best way to get connected and make your time at Cogswell College a great experience is to get involved.

You choose the level, Student Life will make sure to provide an opportunity.

Student Clubs on campus sponsor events almost weekly. Whether it's an ASB meeting on Friday, a game of basketball with the Outdoor Activities Club on Wednesday, or Game Night each term, there is usually something to do with your fellow students.

But don't just sit back and wait for a club to entertain you - join! All clubs are open to any student interested in their goals and activities. Most meet weekly and are always looking for new members.

And if there isn't a club that interests you - start a new one! Student Life can help you get going with suggestions and applications. All you need is some friends who share your interest, a faculty or staff member who is willing to advise, and a short constitution.

Associated Student Body (ASB)

Meets in room 142
The Associated Student Body of Cogswell College is the general student membership organization. ASB strives to be the link of communication between the faculty and the students of Cogswell College. We also oversee all of the clubs, helping new ones to form and existing ones to flourish. The most fun part about ASB are the events we hold. We plan different events through the semester, such as going to the movies, visiting Great America, or having game night on campus. All events are free of charge to enrolled students. All students in degree programs are members of the ASB.

The general student membership provides student feedback and opinions for the Associated Student Body Executive Board.

Game Development Club (Academic)

Meets in room 141
We are the oldest club at Cogswell - 17 years of rich history! We strive to provide a welcoming, safe, fun, and productive environment for working on school work and extracurricular projects. This is an open club that welcomes all, and encourages a shared passion in the creation of all kinds of games. In the club, we work at honing all the necessary skills involved with creating and implementing a game in the industry, such as: Programming,Game Design, Animation, Modeling, Sound, and more!

Engineering Society (Academic)

Meet in room 140
Cogswell Engineering Society provides a study space for students and aid with their academic engineering endeavors while inspiring a passion for engineering and programming. This includes assistance with math, physics, software studies, and workshops about topics not covered in our usual classes, which are hosted by older members of the club. We try to provide useful resources and a great working environment that will help students to succeed in their classes as well with personal endeavors. Our club is not just for the engineer, but for anyone with an interest in the field.

Audio Engineering Society Student Chapter (Academic)

AES is a Professional Worldwide Organization with a mission to promote the science and practice of audio, by bring leading people and ideas together. Cogswell’s Student Chapter represents just that. The student’s goals are to establish an educational and professional mindset, while coordinating extracurricular events. By doing so, the club members build upon their skill-set, preparing them for the professional field they pursue. Above all, AES members are here to learn and grow as students, audio engineers, musicians or general audio enthusiasts.

Cogsworks Animation Club (Academic)

Meets in room 148
If you want to learn animation, learn about the animation industry, or just want an environment that will help you hone your skills, Cogsworks is the club for you! We accept everyone of all skill levels, you don’t even have to be an animation major to join. We go over 2D and 3D animation, using industry standard software such as ToonBoom Harmony and Maya, host workshops based off of member interest, host guest speakers from the industry, as well as hold the 24 hour animation jam. More than anything, we are a forum of people that want to create and be around other creators.

Cogswell Concepts (Academic)

Meets in room 111
To Create an environment where artists can help each other improve and make high quality portfolio work.
This year our goal is to help each member to finish their own 12 panel comic.

Artificial Intelligence Society (Academic)

Meets in room 140
Artificial Intelligence Society is an industry-driven SIGAI group that was founded here at Cogswell. AIS covers related topics such as AI implementation, programming, algorithms, and other topics which are not covered within classes. AI Society is supported by professionals from companies such as EA, Ubisoft, and Magic Leap; it is also an IGDA official chapter at Cogswell. Since its founding, it has expanded to more schools, hosted speakers from the industry, run AI-based workshops, and worked directly with industry professionals.  AIS welcomes programmers of any level and hopes to enhance their knowledge with various workshops and industry talks.

Cogswell Gaming Club

Meets in room 112
Not to be confused with the Cogswell Esports Team, this club is a group of students who compete in variety of games.

Dungeon Crawlers

Meets in room 147
A community of creative storytellers and problem solvers, brought together by a mutual love of Sci-Fi and Fantasyscapes. We play Table Top and Board Games like Pathfinder and Dead of Winter, encourage collaborative creating and teamwork, as well as have fun and relax.

Yoga and Mindfulness

Meets in room 111
Our purpose is to share the practice of yoga and mindfulness.
This year we plan to teach the basics of yoga at our weekly meetings.

Thready, Set, Sew

Meets in the Library
We design our projects, learn how to turn our designs into patterns, and create plushies, clothing, and props.
This year we are created a medium sized plush as a group.

Arrow Step Revolution

Meets in the Dragon’s Den
Arrow Step Revolution is a club dedicated to playing rhythm games such as “Dance Dance Revolution”, “In the Groove”, and “Stepmania” for the benefit of getting some free exercise while also having fun. The club uses homemade dance mat controllers designed by previous students of the club.

Cardboard Crusaders

Meets in the ASB room (room 142)
In cardboard Crusaders we inform people and entertain around the world the world of board gaming.

Cogswell Creative Writing

Meets in room 142
We improve and explore the art of creative writing.
This year our goal is to get each member to write a short story.

Cogswell Guard Breakers

Meets in the Dragon’s Den
Our purpose is to build a group connect of peers to help with daily activity using individual competition.

Cogswell Pokemon League

Meets in room 141 (Game Dev)
Our purpose is to have fun promoting cross-club socialization with pokemon.


Meets in the Dragon’s Den
Our purpose is to teach and help students learn to take care of themselves by being self sustainable.
This year, our main goal is to teach our members how to properly pick ingredients.

Outdoor Activities Club

Meet out and about
In outdoor activities club, we give students the chance to breathe fresh air, bask in sunlight, and to experience new things outside of Cogswell.