B.A. Digital Art and Animation:

3D Animation Concentration  | 123 credits

Remedial Courses:
  • MATH003  Intermediate Algebra
  • ENG050  Grammar and Composition

Remedial classes are required when a placement test is not passed.

First Academic Year (Fall, Spring, and Summer)
  • ART100  2D Design I
  • ART110  Sketching
  • ENG100  English Composition
  • HUM120 (recommended) Nature and History in Western Art
  • MATH115  College Algebra and Trigonometry
  • ART105  Color Theory
  • DAA106  Digital Imaging Concepts
  • ART115  Figure Drawing I
  • GenEd  General Education
  • GenEd  General Education


Second Academic Year (Fall, Spring, and Summer)

  • ART212 Perspective and Rendering
  • ART230 Introduction to Sculpture
  • DAA240 Introduction to 3D Modeling
  • GenEd  General Education
  • GenEd  General Education
  • DAA244 Introduction to 3D Animation Principles
  • DAA264 Drawing Animation I
  • BUS110 Principles of Management,
    • or BUS125 Business Law
    • or BUS270 Project Management
    • or DAT484 MediaWorks for Animation Students
  • CS100 Introduction to Scripting: Python
  • GenEd  General Education


Third Academic Year (Fall, Spring, and Summer)

Fourth Academic Year (Fall, Spring, and Summer)