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Degree Overview

Bring out the most in animated sequences by mastering animation and character rigging in our 3D Animation concentration. From defining a character’s joints to setting key frames for motion, you’ll build your way to developing 3D characters and eventually working on short film projects at our 3D animation college programs. This includes learning how to animate different four-legged animals and animation principles of inanimate objects like buildings that move or tables that can talk. Cogswell College Courses in art and animation also cover motion in people, such as expressions and mouth movement, as well as 2D animation.

Your first three terms begin by building a strong foundation in traditional art which enables you to create realistic pieces when transitioning into the digital environment. Upper-level production opportunities equip Cogswell College graduates with an extensive portfolio of work, an ingrained instinct to collaborate on a team, and the creative and technical skills required to work in a wide variety of digital art careers. 3D animation college program students have access to uniquely modern facilities hard to find at other digital art and animation schools, including access to virtual reality and augmented reality equipment and a rendering manager built just for Cogswell College.

3D Animation Course Highlights

Introduction to 3D Animation Principles  In this course, Cogswell College students study the principles of 3D animation using the latest 3D software applications. Topics cover user interface and the basics of motion. Cogswell College students learn professional working practices in a production pipeline environment.
Storyboarding This course focuses on principles of Storytelling in a visual medium and introduces film or editorial boards used to pre-visualize animation or live action film. Topics include scale and camera angle, camera movement, character staging, composition and basic editing processes. Cogswell College students pitch their ides in class and get feedback on projects that include dialogue and action sequences from selected scripts as well as building animatics and story reels.
Animated Film Production Cogswell College students approved to enroll in this 3D animation class work in teams to create a short animated film. Effective teamwork, the animation pipeline, project management, and communication skills are covered in depth. 3D animation college program students may enter as any of the following, concept artist, modeler, rigger, animator, technical director, and compositor. Training in all of these fields is comprehensive and will prepare 3D animation college program student for entry into the job market.

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