online game design
& development

Study Game Design and Development online at a top ranked college in The Princeton Review.  Learn how to program or design video games in project-based classes that will equip you for working in the competitive gaming market.

By working hands-on with multi-department teams in our Game Studio, you will finish the video game design program with a fully realized, professional-grade title in your portfolio.

What makes Cogswell a top video game design school? Classes that simulate an actual game development team coupled with expert mentor instructors that have years of real-world industry experience at video game companies like Electronic Arts and LucasArts.

You’ll get to play video games made by other students in the game design program, testing them for usability and quality. From idle animations to combat to level design and artificial intelligence, you’ll learn each building block of video game design and development, all while using professional tools like Maya, Unity and Unreal Engine.

Cogswell prepares students for real-world jobs: our star-studded game design alumni are working at companies such as Activision, Blizzard Entertainment, Electronic Arts and Sony.

Core Courses


“Cogswell’s level of staff is one of the highest in the Bay Area. My game design classes were taught by some of the best in the industry, and it felt like instructors knew exactly how to guide us for our careers.”

- Alum Bugi Kaigwa, character rigger at Visual Concepts working on the NBA 2K game series



Collaborate with the best Cogswell has to offer as you team up with other concentrations to bring the creative side of game design and development to life. Learn how to coax out a character’s personality in their movements and animations, from running motions to attacks. Discover what makes great video game levels so immersive, surrounded by peers ready to fully realize these virtual playgrounds. Pair environmental art with current-gen console games, mobile games and virtual worlds. All these game design and development skills will be used to their fullest in a real studio. Learn more about the courses required.



Trade the controller for the command prompt as you design and program video games and build the coding lifeblood that fuels every level in the game design engineering concentration. Modify existing game engines before moving on to designing your own, forming the systems that power gaming’s greatest experiences. This includes implanting animation, AI and computer graphics within an engine. You’ll develop a project plan that will get others excited about turning video game design concepts into fleshed-out games with characters, worlds and objectives. You’ll be able to take a role as game design engineer on teams that mirror professional game development teams. Learn more about the courses required.


You can find more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information at this link.