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Cogswell Ranks No. 13—Yet Again

Cogswell College is once again among the top schools in the country as ranked by Animation Career Review, a leading online source of information for aspiring animation professionals. The 2018 Princeton Review also ranked our game design program as #13 in the nation. We could call it Lucky 13, but we know it's all about the passion, skill and talent.

Digital Art & Animation

If your passion is animation, concept art for video games, or 3D modeling for blockbuster films, this is the program for you!

Bring vivid characters, worlds and creatures to life in our digital art and animation college programs. You’ll work from start to finish on animation projects that are ready to hit the big and small screens — and kick off your career in computer animation.

With each brushstroke in Photoshop, composition in Maya, or digital sculpture in ZBrush, you will be designing with tools that the art and animation pros are looking for from job candidates.

The alumni from our digital art and animation programs work at places like Pixar and DreamWorks, and have developed characters in blockbuster animation films like Coco, Moana, Frozen, Big Hero 6 and many more!

Prior student work has hit the festival circuit, produced by students in our Project X capstone course. All aspects of the  short films above were produced by students under the guidance of faculty and industry experts.

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"Cogswell’s coursework adapts to the needs of the creative industries. When I was a student, we requested an advanced rigging class, which is the expertise I needed to land my first job at Rhythm & Hues Studios after graduation.”

- Joshua Cogswell, rigging artist for Blur Studio and the 2016 movie Deadpool

This award-winning group project was led entirely by Cogswell students: Nikki DelVecchio, Natallia Dushkova, Victoria Haimov and Jean-Pierre Rouleau.
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Render Image by Cogswell Student, Griffin Bajor
Render Image by Cogswell Student, Griffin Bajor

3D Modeling

Create the environments, creatures and heroes that form the backbone of animation by learning rigging, modeling, texture mapping and rendering. Bring out every detail and facet of objects by first reproducing existing objects in 3D, then designing your own. You’ll learn how to texture man-made and organic surfaces, master digital sculpting techniques like UV unwrapping 3D models. Transform analog concepts like maquettes into digital art. You’ll also learn how to maintain the fidelity of 3D animated characters  in order to integrate them in interactive projects.


3D Animation

Bring out the most in animated sequences by mastering animation and character rigging in our 3D animation college programs. From defining a character’s joints to setting key frames for motion, you’ll build your way to developing 3D characters and eventually working on short film projects at our 3D animation college programs. This includes learning how to animate different four-legged animals, or animation principles of inanimate objects like buildings that move or tables that can talk. Courses in art and animation also cover motion in people, such as expressions and mouth movement as well as 2D animation.

Your Animation Career Awaits…
Cogswell student artwork by Brittney Thoreson
Cogswell student artwork by Brittney Thoreson

Entertainment Design

Guide an entertainment design project from the page to the screen as you conquer every step to make a winning product. Layering color maps and shading will form the foundation of your entertainment and graphic design skills as you work toward texturing and digital painting. You’ll apply 3D techniques to drawings and renderings as you develop your own personal style in entertainment design projects. You’ll also combine traditional and digital media in elements for design and marketing firms, video games or animations.

Advanced Lighting and Layout art by Cogswell student, Taylor Ash
Advanced Lighting and Layout art by Cogswell student, Taylor Ash

Technical Art

The Technical Art concentration combines the student’s artistic abilities along with the technical toolkit of the CG world. Traditional courses like drawing, painting, and sculpting help the student develop an artistic eye. Industry standard software programs are used in 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Texturing and Lighting courses. Coursework includes computer programing courses which enable the student to customize tools in CG software programs. The concentration allows the student to focus on Lighting and Compositing or Rigging and scripting. Students can complete their program of study by working on one many of the large projects on campus.

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