Game Design Tips and Trends

This article first appeared on the Game Developers Conference website, with questions posed by the conference staff. As faculty lead for Cogswell’s Game Writing Concentration, Evan Skolnick will be offering a workshop, “Storytelling Fundamentals in a Day” at the conference along with appearing on a panel geared towards new game writers called “It’s Not in the Writer’s […]

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Game engines are key game development tools for professionals, making them a must-learn for beginners who are just starting out in game design and development. As the heroes of game development software, game engines manage multiple tasks, including rendering and lighting, artificial intelligence of non-player characters, audio and physics engines. Learning these game engines means […]

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Pulsing, multicolored neon lights illuminate faces gripped in dark concentration.  The staccato of keyboard presses punctuate the din while stunted phrases are spoken in urgent monotone.  Excitement crescendos as opposing teams dance frenetically in virtual combat. Opposing players flicker from existence as they anxiously wait to respawn while their compatriots claw towards the winning objective. […]

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