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These days when teenagers are capable of learning autonomously and producing outstanding results individually, one might wonder just how important collaboration and teamwork really are in the creative industry. Why would a sound designer, a composer, an audio engineer, a video editor, a graphic artist or an animator need to know how to collaborate with […]

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Examining what influences students in general, taking into account what happens beyond the classroom and the subject matter they are studying, promises to broaden and even flip the current model of higher education. The mixing function itself, of exploring new approaches in conjunction with peers, teammates, and mentors, is consistently used by successful students to […]

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In today’s tech-advanced world, products morph the instant they are in the hands of customers. Function or interface changes alter the very nature of a product and immediately affect user populations. Features evolve through an iterative dance based on real-time usage feedback. Engineers work directly with customers. Designers are part of even small development teams. […]

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