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John has been a founding team member at seven startups, generating successful exits to Borland, 5th Generation Systems, EMC and AOL. He has applied technology to learning at Prentice-Hall, Apple, Dow Jones and for Stanford’s Professional Publishing Courses. As the Director of Communications and Partnerships at Cogswell, he is passionate about hands-on, team-based learning. A fifth-generation Californian, he grew up on the Monterey Peninsula. Duhring is an alum of UC Berkley where he received his BS in Business Administration.

Examining what influences students in general, taking into account what happens beyond the classroom and the subject matter they are studying, promises to broaden and even flip the current model of higher education. The mixing function itself, of exploring new approaches in conjunction with peers, teammates, and mentors, is consistently used by successful students to […]

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Speaking to a standing room only crowd at the Santa Clara County Convention Center, Britney Thoreson treated Cogswell graduates and their families to an intimate look at what commencement means. While introducing her, Professor Dave Perry set the stage by noting that Britney’s journey of exploration and discovery took her from her home in Alabama […]

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