Welcome to the Virtual and Augmented Reality Certificate Program.

Immerse yourself in a new field of technology

The tech industry is gearing up for the superimposed worlds of virtual reality and augmented reality, and you’ll have the opportunity to capitalize on this phenomenon.

Cogswell is the first college in the world to add a VR/AR certificate program, a sign of our commitment to teach cutting-edge technology. In our VR/AR classes, you’ll work alongside computer graphics professionals, computer engineering experts and digital artists, all who’ve sought to expand their skills and master these evolving technologies in our VR/AR program.

From HCI design to applications of these virtual spaces in digital projects, you’ll learn new skills in virtual reality training whether you’re a current student, a graduate or a seasoned tech pro. VR classes and AR classes are held on weeknights and weekends for maximum accessibility and are headed by a panel of five industry experts leading the charge to augment your skills.

Sample Classes

•  Perception, Cognition and Presence in VR/AR

•  Human Computer Interface and Interaction Design

•  VR/AR Design Principles (1 & 2)

•  VR/AR Studio Project (1 & 2)

Industry advisory board

Richard Chuang
CEO and Founder, CloudPic

Curt Miyashiro
Production Technology Supervisor, JauntVR

Fabien Bourden, P.E.
Senior Architect, Citrix Systems

Jeremy Kenisky
Director of 3d/Interactive, Geomedia Inc.

Stephanie Riggs
CEO and Founder, Azimyth Creation Studio

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