Welcome to Student Life at Cogswell.

The best way to get connected and make your time at Cogswell College a great experience is to get involved.

We are committed to your development, success, and wellbeing at Cogswell. Our learning support services, which are designed to promote success in the classroom, include: academic advising, tutoring services, Cogswell XL, Strategies for Student Success, disability services, and counseling services. Have a look around.

Home sweet luxury home. Cogswell housing creates a safe, supportive and inclusive living-learning experience that fosters success and growth. Have a look at some pics.

Whether it's an ASB meeting on Friday, a game of basketball with the Outdoor Activities Club on Wednesday, or Game Night each term, there is usually something to do with your fellow students.

Get the knowledge and practical skills you will need to find the right professional opportunity after graduation. We’ll do all we can to support you and your career goals.