Welcome to Digital Audio Technology.

You’ll learn from the best in the business, instructors who have composed music for film and TV.

In our Audio & Music Production program, you’ll get the chance to generate sounds and effects on a rare Crumar Spirit synthesizer and manage multiple mic inputs with a powerful Millennia 8-channel pre-amp. You’ll edit digital audio and mix music in Pro Tools and Logic, as well as create stunning sonic textures and soundscapes using Native Instruments Komplete, Tassman and Pure Data.

The Audio Software Development & Engineering degree will teach you how to develop cutting-edge audio software, serving the needs of the local California Bay Area studio industry where much of the audio equipment is made.

degrees offered:

Bachelor of Science in Digital Audio Technology


• Audio and Music Production

• Audio Software Development and Engineering


Alumni Careers

Live Sound Mixer

Sound Designer

Associate producer

Studio Assistant

Audio Implementer

Assistant Engineer

Location Sound Recorder

Audio Engineer

COMPANIES alumni work at

2K Games


Dolby Laboratories


Our Students' work: