Cogswell Polytechnical College Scholarships

Cogswell College offers merit based scholarships to new students who are accepted into one of our bachelor’s degree programs.

The criteria used for these scholarships may include: high school grade point average, college grade point average for transfer students (More than 12 transferrable credits), standardized test scores, portfolio score for art majors or essay score for engineering and business majors. Estimated family contribution may also be considered.

Early action applicants who apply prior to December 1st of each year are given priority for scholarship consideration.

Candidates for the E-sports club team should also submit their rank or skill rating (Currently our E-sports teams are competing in Overwatch and League of Legends). E-sports scholarships for up to the full amount of tuition are available.

These scholarships apply only to tuition and have no cash value. To be eligible for a scholarship, students are required to be a full time and maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average. If a student withdraws during a term the scholarship will be subject to the same prorated adjustment calculation as specified in the Cogswell College refund policy. Students that lose eligibility for failure to keep the minimum CGPA of 3.0 and full-time status may regain eligibility for future semesters only if they resume meeting both requirements.

For complete program details, please email the Financial Aid Office or call us at  408.498.5100.