Student Achievements


Undergraduate Enrollment per academic year (Unduplicated count)

AY2009-10 AY2010-11 AY2011-12 AY2012-13 AY2013-14 AY2014-15
218 278 361 486 609 662


1st Year Retention Rate of Full-Time First Time Freshman

Retention rate is represented as the percentage of first-time degree-seeking undergraduates from the previous fall who are again enrolled in the next fall.

Data from Fall to Fall

2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15
68% 80% 86% 78%


Graduation Rates (vary by cohort and program)

The number of those degree seeking students who completed their degree in 4 years (100%) or 6 years (150%).as a percentage of those who entered the institution in a particular year (cohort).

  • 4 years graduation rates are in the range of 28% to 56%
  • 6 years graduation rates are in the range of 43% to 69%


On-time Completion Rates

Out of all students who graduated during a specific period of time (July 1st – June 30th) how many completed the degree on time (in 4 years).

2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15
71% 72% 75% 90%


Assessment of Student Learning

During the 2014-2015 Assessment Cycle, total of ten Program and two Institutional Learning Outcomes were assessed. Assessment results below show the students' learning success at the end of Fall 2014 semester.

  • Exceeded Ideal Target: 12%
  • Approached Ideal Target: 63%
  • Didn't Meet Ideal Target: 25%


Sampling of places where some Cogswell College graduates have gone on to work

Apple, Cisco, Intel Corporation, Electronics Arts, Lockheed Martin, Crystal Dynamics, DreamWorks Animation, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Sonoma Wire Works, Fantasy Studios, Cryptic Studios, Grimm Bros, Viscira, Mixamo, Shmoop


Some of Cogswell College’s most celebrated alumni

Cogswell College graduates below were part of the teams who created the following award-winning films:

  • Nathan Hillier - GOLDEN GLOBE “Best Animated Feature Film”- How to Train Your Dragon II
  • Chris Evart - ACADEMY AWARD “Best Animated Feature” - Frozen
  • Ryan Rogers - ACADEMY AWARD “Best Visual Effects”- Life of Pi