Identity Elements

The official Cogswell logo is the approved relationship between the Wordmark and the Dragon graphic.

The logo is offered in two configurations: single-line and stacked. When deciding which version to use, let layout and design constraints guide you. Keep in mind that breaking the logo up is prohibited. The Wordmark should never be used unaccompanied by the Dragon graphic.

In the context where brand and graphic identity has been firmly established, the Dragon graphic can be used without the Wordmark, however this should be done sparingly. Please contact Marketing and Communications if you have any questions or need guidance. 

Single-line Version
Stacked Version

Clear Space

When using the logo, ensure that there is proper spacing between it and other elements. For both versions of the logo, use the "O" in Cogswell as a guide for spacing. 


This zipped file contains both variations of the logo as vector-based art, .jpgs and Powerpoint-ready .pngs. The logos are provided in the approved primary color palette and also reversed out. 

• Identity elements