Computer Science & Engineering

The Computer Science and Engineering Program will teach you how to design and program complex software systems and tools that make high tech industries thrive.

You’ll find mentors in the experienced engineering faculty with ties to major industry players like NASA, and have the chance to work in the Game Studio, Project X and other hands-on, interdisciplinary projects that produce professional-quality video games or animations.

Students work with expert software engineering tools, like Python and Open GL, to write code and build innovative, creative software. Upon graduating with a degree in game programming, web and mobile software engineering, or digital art engineering, Cogswell students are attractive job candidates, already having an arsenal of real-world, relevant experience in software engineering.

Our Computer Science and Engineering Program goes beyond theoretical knowledge – it’s interfacing, innovating and creating the tools that make tomorrow great.

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“Companies move so quickly now that they don’t have the time or budget to train entry-level staff. Cogswell gives its engineering students hands-on experience, which make them attractive candidates that can jump right in to their first post-grad job.”

Mohan Shah, Computer Science and Engineering Program Director



Software Engineering

Go from design to maintenance as you perfect every step of a program’s life cycle. CPU and memory are just the beginning, as you’ll code in C, C++ and Java, and learn about object-oriented programming and web software development. Terms like string and polymorphisms will become second nature to you as you master web and mobile software engineering and advanced programming. Manage memory, work on designs and complete a software project. Advanced programming tools like multiple inheritance and native methods will round out your skills.

smart phone and multicolored apps on the background

Web and Mobile

Mobile devices and web browsers are the main tools for consuming information and entertainment today. Moreover, large part of our interaction with friends happens through the channels like social networks, sharing photos and videos, and more. This concentration teaches the basics of software engineering, while focusing on the applications to these new mediums. From the first year, students are introduced to these programming paradigms, and are able to use these in their projects throughout their studies.


Data Science

Machine Learning and Data Science are among the top emerging fields within computer science. Improved computing power and innovative thinking has narrowed the gap between organic and artificial. The Data Science concentration will prepare you for taking a plunge into this new industry. You will learn required tools and techniques for Data Analysis, Data Mining and Machine Learning. This opens up many exciting possibilities—driverless cars, more accurate diagnosis and treatment of diseases, financial fraud detection and prevention. Perhaps you could write applications to collect health data by standing in front of a mirror and then beaming that to your doctor for diagnostic feedback—the applications are limitless.

You can find more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information at this link.