The cogswell experience is truly extraordinary.

Students say they’ve found their tribe at Cogswell College — the creative arts college in the heart of Silicon Valley.
In an all-inclusive, collaborative environment, Cogswell delivers an intense focus on developing undergrads for jobs in high-demand creative arts industries through project-based learning.


The next open house takes place Saturday, Nov 18th! | 10AM–1PM

Cogswell stands out as a creative arts college by offering true studio environments that feature professional-level equipment, multi-disciplinary collaboration and industry expert instruction, coaching and mentoring. Take the first step of your creative career, RSVP now.

Meet the Dean

Jerome Solomon, Dean of the College, shares what makes Cogswell a unique place to study. Students gain not only a Bachelor degree but more importantly a deep understanding of the processes and pipeline of the industry through their experiences working on teams and projects…


Behind the Scenes

Cogswell grad Allen Stetson (class of ’99) describe how he and his team at WETA Digital are helping move the upcoming four announced Avatar sequels through production. Allen has some advice for students who are thinking about entering the world he lives in, where art runs on top of software.