The cogswell experience is truly extraordinary.

Students say they’ve found their tribe at Cogswell College — the creative arts college in the heart of Silicon Valley.
In an all-inclusive, collaborative environment, Cogswell delivers an intense focus on developing undergrads for jobs in high-demand creative arts industries through project-based learning.


The next open house takes place Saturday, Oct 21st! | 10AM–1PM

Cogswell stands out as a creative arts college by offering true studio environments that feature professional-level equipment, multi-disciplinary collaboration and industry expert instruction, coaching and mentoring. Take the first step of your creative career, RSVP now.

Physical Game Design in the Digital Era

In this article, Eddie Zakoor and Phil Vestal, two of the founders of Shadow Squirrel Games, creators of Wanted Earth, a RPG tabletop miniatures game currently on Kickstarter, discuss the process of developing a modern tabletop game.

Oct 4th, 6:30–11PM

High School Juniors and Seniors are invited to come watch the Cogswell eSports team compete against other colleges in brutal, fast-paced combat. Enjoy the festivities, ask the team questions, and cheer on the Cogswell Dragons!