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The Fusion of Animation, Audio, Game Design & Engineering

Cogswell Polytechnical College, in the heart of Silicon Valley in California, is a private, WASC accredited school with over 125 years of history. We offer bachelor degree programs in Art & Design, Animation, Music Production, Audio & Software Engineering, and Game Design. Our unique project-based approach, led by industry-experienced faculty, emphasizes teamwork and collaboration between students in each program. Cogswell alumni have gone on to work on award-winning animated films and AAA video games..

Digital Art College - Animation, 3D Modeling, Concept Design, Illustration
Digital Audio School - Audio and Music Production and Audio Software Engineering
Learn to become an Entrepreneur or a Producer on a video game or animated film
Get a degree in video game design. Learn level development, character creation, scripting and more.
Get your degree in Software Engineering or learn how to become a Technical Artist.

Where Project-Based Learning Begins

Art and Design College

On-campus studios offer students real-world experience working with industry clients while collaborating cross-functionally with peers from all programs. Supervised by faculty and industry advisors, these studios teach students a team-centered approach that mirrors real development teams of artists, animators, game designers, music specialists and project management.

Using industry-standard technology, students create a short animation combined with an interactive book for mobile platforms that will help deepen the reader’s experience. Students take the project from the beginning development phase, through pre-production, full production mode and finally post production.

Join the industry-like studio Star Thief Studios and create an interactive book with students from all degree programs.
MediaWorks offers students a unique, project-based production experience that generates professional quality, high-impact audio visual pieces for real-life clients. Working under the guidance of faculty, students work collaboratively on interactive projects that involve sound design, original music, animation and video production.

Join the audio/visual inititive MediaWorks - collaborate on projects for real world clients.
Currently the Game Studio is working with Prairie Rainbow Company to design a video game based on the company’s Rainbow Squares – a puzzle game that teaches math concepts. This partnership gives students a unique opportunity to not only develop a learning game for a real-world client but also to test the prototype in local schools.

Create a video game with other students in an environment that mirrors real development studios.
Project X is a project-based class that allows students to work within every aspect of animation film production. To date, Project X has produced three short films, The Offering (2009), Worlds Apart (2011) and Driven (2013). The films have won global acclaim and multiple awards at film festivals. Currently PX is working its fourth film.

Project X animation studio allows students to collaborate to create short, award-winning animated films.
New Virtual Reality Courses at Cogswell College in Silicon Valley - Earn Your VR Certificate!