Business Office

Room 179 (next to the piano)
Open Office Hours (subject to change): M-TH 9:00AM-6:00PM
Phone: 408-498-5132
Primary Contact:              Cindy Suyeishi
Secondary Contact:         Sean Porter

The business office is the department at Cogswell College that handles student billing and payment.  We work closely with your financial aid & academic advisor.  The financial aid advisor will establish the students financial plan and then pass it to the business office to complete it.  If students or parents have any questions about the students account balance or payments, please contact the business office.  We are here to explain your account and help.
Students can make payments via cash, check (payable to Cogswell College & addressed to the Business Office), or by credit card.  Credit Card payment can be made by the below methods:

  • via the students web portal by clicking on the my ledger tab
  • via any Individual Paypal account by sending payment to and referencing the students first + last name
  • or over the phone by calling the business office

Students should pay (amount + date) based on the award letter estimate issued each academic year by the Financial Aid Dept.  If any adjustment is needed either after the add/drop period or throughout the term, the business office will issue the student a refund or contact the student to advise of a balance owed.  Statements will be mailed near the middle of the term and near the end of the term.
The business office communicates primarily thru the students Cogswell email. This is how administration sends reminders and notifications and how the business office may contact the student individually when needed.  Students, please check your Cogswell email daily.
If the student would like to authorize the parents (or others) to talk to the College directly about account specifics (balances owed, etc.), the student would need to complete a Student Consent to Release Records (FERPA) form allowing the College to discuss the account (including with parents as well!).

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