Cogswell Polytechnical College Brand Guidelines

Cogswell Polytechnical College Branding Guidelines

The Cogswell brand, which represents the College's 129-year-old mascot as well as Cogswell's forward-thinking approach to education, should be used in a consistent manner across all communications. With strong use of color being used throughout our marketing communications, it is essential that our logo has the flexibility to work with all of our branding assets and applications. These guidelines serve to demonstrate its proper usage.

*** Use of Cogswell College's logo is governed by our copyright policy. ***

The logo can be used in its square or "stacked" format as well as an "in-line" format, depending on the application needed.

Download Logo:

Download Black/White Logo:



In-Line Format

Download Logo:

Download Black/White Logo:





Cogswell Polytechnical College logo spacing

Logo Spacing

When using the logo, ensure that there is proper spacing between it and other elements. For the square version of the logo, use the 'C' in Cogswell as a guide for spacing.





When using the in-line version of the logo, use the 'L' in Cogswell as a guide for spacing.






School and logo colors:

Pantone 021 Orange
RGB: 255:114:0

Pantone 8403 C
RGB: 96:94:92

Pantone 877 C
RGB: 138:141:143

RGB: 255:255:255

RGB: 0:0:0








Cogswell Polytechnical College uses Century Gothic as its primary font.


Century Gothic





Proper Usage

Please use and size the logo correctly. When scaling the logo, do so equally - do not compress or stretch the image. Do not change the color of the logo to any color other than what it specified here. Do not add any special effects to the logo such as a bezel, an outline/stroke, drop shadow, etc. Finally, do not use old, previous versions of the logo.

Improper usage of the Cogswell logo



For further usage information, file types and questions, please email Rachael Sass at